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万 (Man) Up for Japan

Man Up for Japan appeal on facebook:

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have been described by Prime Minister Kan as the worst crisis Japan has faced since the Second World War. For those lucky enough to live in unaffected areas, people are settling back into their normal routines. However, many have not been so lucky.

Japan has been good to all of us. It has given us a home, many new friends and more opportunities than we can possibly count. And the country needs …our help now, so please ‘MAN UP FOR JAPAN.’

Payday is coming up on Friday for many of us — and when it does, if you can afford it, we ask that the first thing you do with your pay check is to donate ‘a man’ (一万円, 10,000 yen) to the Japanese Red Cross Society, the AJET Relief Fund, or any other organization of your choice. (We’ve included a handy list of organizations and easy ways to donate below).

10,000 yen may seem like a lot of money, but if you donate it as soon as pay day comes it’s easy to budget. If everyone donates on Friday, it has the potential to help the relief effort in a very big way. Giving 一万円 really isn’t much after everything that Japan has given us.

*****QUICK UPDATE*****

Over 3,500 attendees already! Thanks so much to everyone who already donated (wow!), everyone who plans to donate, and for all your supportive comments. There were just a couple things that we wanted to address:

Donate what you can, when you can to the organization that you believe in most. It would be amazing if we all donated a man tomorrow, but if you’re not in the position to do so, no pressure — there are other things you can do. Sign up on the Couchsurfing Japan Crisis Housing group, organize a food/donation drive at your work/school, spread the word about this event or your favorite charity, or even just go out of your way to be nice to someone who’s having a hard time with everything that’s going on.

Again, the organizations listed on the event page are suggestions only. We’ve been doing some research, but make sure your money will be spent the way you think is best. These are by no means the only good organizations out there — a brief skim through the comments and you’ll find lots of other suggestions. (Another option for all the ALTs out there: your students will probably be collecting money at some point and would be really excited to get a donation from you!) Even if you don’t want to earmark that your money must be spent only in Japan, its a good time to reflect on how lucky those of use who were unaffected are and to give a little something back.

Finally, we’d like to credit David Chalmers, of Ehime, who had the original idea for the man up project. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Time to MAN UP…


Information about the AJET Relief Fund and how to donate directly to JET participant needs:
(Contact for more information)

You can donate money to the Japanese Red Cross Society at Family Mart:
Step 1. Use the machines where you can buy tickets.
Step 2. Look for this Kanji 募金. (The button has a heart and wings)
Step 3. Confirmation page (you can’t get this money back etc.)
Step 4. Choose amount.
Step 5. Take receipt to the counter and pay.

You can also donate to the Japanese Red Cross Society online:

Other Organizations in Japan…
Peace Winds Japan
Good Neigbours


International Red Cross Appeals for Earthquake/Tsunami Relief:
New Zealand:

You can also easily donate to the American Red Cross via your iTunes or accounts:

Thanks in advance for supporting the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief effort!