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Emergency Housing for Disaster Area Refugees – 3 – Wakayama, Osaka prefecture, Fukuoka, Osaka City, Kobe, Gifu, Aichi, Nagoya, Hyogo, Saga, Miyazaki,

Part III

This time translated courtesy of Amanda Shockley

【Wakayama Prefecture】
As a measure to support the lives of the refugees of the recent earthquake, we will provide 102 housing units free of charge within Wakayama’s prefectural housing projects. Wakayama Prefecture is implementing this as a part of the disaster victim assistance program through the Union of Kansai Governments. At this time, municipal governments in Wakayama are also assisting with 119 units, making a total of 221 units available.
Contact information:
Land Development Department City Housing Authority  Housing Construction Division
Director: Yuki Katayama
Telephone 073-441-3212 (Extension 3212)
FAX 073-428-2038

【Osaka Prefecture】
Osaka Prefecture will provide housing in empty units free of charge for the victims of the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake (including those displaced by the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima).
■Number of units provided: Within 2 weeks approximately 450 units(Will be expanded to a maximum of about 2,000 units)
■Registration: Opens from March 22, 2011
■Registration Location: Sakishima building 26F
① Initial reports will be taken by telephone about household size and preferred area.
② Follow-up application submitted by visiting our office or through mail or fax.
Management Assistance Team Coordination Division within the Office of Management Housing Management
Telephone:06(6941)0351(Main line) Extension 6307
Operating hours (Business hours only): 9:00-18:00

Toru Hashimoto
Repeat. Osaka Prefecture will be securing 2000 housing units. Municipal housing will also execute a program. Maximum number of applicants accepted is 3000. Generally these units will be teacher’s housing provided by the education committee. Private schools are also accepting requests. Elementary schools are also accepting requests. We will provide lifestyle support. We will also provide necessary supplies and equipment.

【Fukuoka Prefecture】
Prefectural Housing Assistance(March 15th)
Fukuoka Prefecture will provide empty housing units as temporary refuge for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.
・Eligibility: Victims of the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake that lived in the affected areas.
・Possible number of units:  175 units(residential location: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Kurume, Omuta, Iizuka others)
・Usage fee: based on past disasters there will be no fee
・Period of use:  From the day that you receive permission (Designated move-in day) up to three months (However, if deemed necessary by the governor, it can be extended for up to a year after the move-in date)
・Application desk: 8:30- 17:15 (excluding weekends and holidays)
■ Inquiries regarding the provision of a prefectural housing should be directed at:
Buildings and City Planning Bureau Prefectural Housing Division

【Osaka City】
Osaka City announced on the 14th that it would provide 500 free housing units for Great Eastern Japan Earthquake starting March 15th. Period of residence is a year and are exempt from security deposits. The tenants and lease agreements will be for temporary use. Processing materials include a copy of a document that confirms an individual’s identity and address such as a driver’s license in addition to their personal stamp. If applicants do not have these documents we will try to adapt to the situation.
Please contact the City Housing Management Section Director for more information (Telephone 06・6208・9264).

【Kobe City】@kobecity0311
【To the earthquake disaster victims】 Kobe City will provide 200 units for temporary emergency housing. From today we have already received 66 requests. For more information contact→078-322-6626(City of Kobe Urban Planning and Housing Bureau, Housing Department, Housing Management Division)

【Gifu Prefecture】
@asahi_tubuyaki: 【Information for Disaster Victims】 Gifu Prefecture(March 16th 10:00am)/250 units/Floor plan:3K、3DK/Free Rent・No Security Deposit(as of now there is no support for furniture)、No cosigner/Period of use:One year from the time of application/Contact:Gifu Prefectural Housing Corporation Management Second Division(058・277・1048) #save_tohoku
(Additional Information)
Housing Corporation, Gifu Prefecture, Second Division Administration
FAX 058ー278ー0688

【Aichi Prefecture】
@asahi_tubuyaki: 【Information for Disaster Victims】Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture (March 16th 11:00am)/5 units(Municipal Housing Hamaiba、Shika Town, Toyota City Hamaiba 621-3) 2DK/Fee: Depending on the situation, extension or reduction is possible/Period of use:Generally three months, but extension is possible/Contact information:Toyota City Building and Housing Department(0565-34-6728) #save_tohoku

【Nagoya City】
Nagoya City Housing Corporation provides housing and municipal rental housing for those victims as follows:
1 Eligibility: Victims of the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake
2 Housing Conditions
(1)Period of residence: within six months (renewable to a maximum of one year from the date of original permit)
(2)Free of charge

3 Available units
Municipal housing: 200 units throughout the city
Nagoya Rental Housing, Housing Corporation: 6 units
*For more information about these units please contact inquiry desk below.

4 Method of Application (accepted on a first-come basis)
※However, because we expect to be crowded on Friday, March 18th, we will hold a lottery at the inquiry desk from 10:30am to decide the order.
5 Application Date:
March 18, 2011 (Friday) from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am
During March, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will also be open.

6 Application location: Housing corporation headquartered in Nagoya City (No. 6, No. 1 Joshin chome, Nishi-ku)
※Map available on our homepage:

7 Required documents
(1)Application form(available at the application desk, must prepare and sign)
(2)Cope of the certificate of residence for all household members who wish to move-in
(3)Disaster victim certificate
※If you cannot provide documents (2 and 3), please consult with the inquiry desk below.

8 Inquiry desk:
Nagoya City Housing Authority, Housing and Urban Management Division Telephone:052-972-2953
Nagoya City Housing Corporation, Management Division Telephone: 052-523-3874

【Hyogo Prefecture】
@Asahi_Shakai: 【To Disaster Victims】 Acceptance of Victims/Starting March 17th, Hyogo Prefecture will begin to accept disaster victims into prefectural housing. In order of arrival, they will be exempt from security deposit and usage fees. Energy, water, and common fees will be the responsibility of the individual. Residence will principally within half a year. Please contact the Housing Management Division for more information at 078・230・8460). Total 600 units. #jishin

【Saga Prefecture】
@saga_kouhou:Saga Prefecture will provide 24 units of prefectural housing and the municipal housing authority is preparing 38 units. After preparations are complete we will take inquiries from disaster victims. Interested parties should contact the Saga Building and Housing Department for more information(Telephone:0952-25-7368).

【Miyazaki Prefecture】
Miyazaki Prefecture is to ensure availability and 107 public housing units.

Information on the Miyazaki housing units is scheduled to be provided to the affected areas from the Ministry of Land Rights.

【Call to the disaster victims】
【Iwate Prefecture】
@sawachan_21ways: RT @asahi_tubuyaki: 【Iwate】 Acceptance of disaster victims/Looking for residences that can provide temporary housing for victims. 5000 yen will be provided to assist with meals for one person per night, and up to 3990 yen will be paid for shelter at those places unable to provide meals. Please contact County Regional Development Office for more information.(019・629・5193) #save_iwate

【Sasebo City】Unspecified. Please contact the division in charge.
Acceptance of disaster victims into municipal housing Overseeing division: Urban Development Department Housing Division.
(Main line)0956-24-1111 Extension: 2812~2815

【from @datugennohi】
@datugennohi : List of Municipals Accepting Disaster Victims