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Emergency Housing for Disaster Area Refugees – 1 – Tsushima, Nagasaki City, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Toyama, Kita-Kyushu, Shimane, Hiroshima, Mie

An English translation of the info on housing options for refugees from the disaster area. Sharni Williamson was gracious enough to do the translation. Thanks Sharni! There’ll be parts two and three posted after this.

Housing Available for Disaster Victims
2011-03-17 07:03:58

The information below has been sourced from twitter and government websites. These websites are also listed, so please check the source for the latest updates before enquiring.

【Tsushima City】
Accommodation for disaster victims:
Vacant public housing and teachers residences are being offered as accommodation.
In addition, please contact us if you are a private home-owner who is able to accommodate disaster victims.
【Contact】Tsushima City Earthquake Emergency Relief HQ (Admin Dept)
TEL 0920(53)6111 (Extn:412)

【Nagasaki City】
We have 35 city-provided houses available for people who have lost their homes due to the earthquake/tsunami.
If you are looking for accommodation, please contact:
-Nagasaki City Building and Housing Department, Housing Section (Ph 095-829-1185)

【Fukuoka City】
We aim to provide as much municipal housing for disaster victims as possible. We also accept applications and enquiries from relatives and friends on behalf of disaster victims.
For further information and applications, please use the contact details below.

Fukuoka City Housing Bureau, Housing Management Section (Address: Fukuoka Municipal Housing Center 2F, 4-1 Tenya-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi)
Ph: 092-283-1313 Fax: 092-271-2556 Email:

【Kagoshima Prefecture】
We are providing vacant prefectural housing as temporary housing for victims of the Tohoku earthquake.
1 Eligibility for housing: Victims of the Tohoku earthquake whose residences have been rendered uninhabitable. (This also includes those who have been ordered to evacuate due to the disaster at the TEPCO Fukushima Dai-ichi and Dai-ni Nuclear Power Plants.
2 Length of stay: 6 months. May be renewed depending on victims circumstances.
3 Usage fees (rent, etc.)
(1) Usage fees (rent) and security deposit will not be charged.
(2) Parking fees, common-area charges and electricity, heating and water utility costs will be paid by tenant.
(3) Guarantor is not required.
(4) Repairs fee is not charged when moving out.
4 Contact details: Housing Policy Section, Building Division
Address: 10-1 Kamoikeshin-machi, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken
Ph: 099-286-3735
Fax: 099-286-5637

【Toyama Prefecture】
We have 275 municipal houses available free of charge for victims of the Tohoku earthquake who have lost their homes.
1. No. of houses available: 275
2. Length of stay: 6 months, as a general rule (if situation requires, up to 1 year)
3. Rent: Free of charge (electricity, heating and water utility costs, common-area charges and any other costs aside from rent to be paid by tenant)
4. Security deposit: Not required
5. Contact: Building and Housing Section, ph: 076-444-3358 (direct)
(Address: 1-7 Shinsogawa, Toyama-shi)
*In addition, local authorities may also be able to provide municipal housing.

【Kita-kyushu City】
Kita-kyushu City Housing Corporation’s rental properties and municipal housing will be provided free of charge as temporary shelter for victims of the March 11 Tohoku earthquake.
2 Accommodation offered:
(1) Municipal houses: 100
(2) Kita-kushu City Housing Corporation’s properties: 30
3 Conditions of use:
(1) Length of stay
Up to six months from the day permission is given to move in (however, if absolutely necessary this may be extended to a period not exceeding 1 year).
(2) Usage fee (rent) and security money (deposit) are not required.
(3) Guarantor is not required.
4 Applications
Accepted at government housing/housing corporation offices
(Necessary items)
– Documents which prove residence in the disaster-hit area (e.g., license, insurance card, etc.)
– Disaster-victim certificate issued by local authority (may be submitted at a later date)
5 Start date: From March 16, 2011 onwards
Municipal housing
Kita-kyushu Building Department, Housing Administration Section
Ph: 093(582)2556
Rental accommodation
Kita-kyushu City Housing Corporation
Ph: 093(582)3150

【Shimane Prefecture】
Contact us regarding accommodation for disaster victims in Shimane prefectural housing:
– Shimane Prefecture Housing Administration Group, Building and Housing Section, Civil Engineering Division
TEL: 0852-22-5569 FAX:0852-22-5218

【Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture】
Municipal housing will be provided for victims of the Tohoku earthquake which occurred on March 11, 2011 who are in urgent need of accommodation.
1 Number of houses available
55 (Municipal housing in Naka, Higashi, Minami, Nishi, Asakita wards)
*Please refer to the list of temporary municipal housing.
*Depending on situation, we may consider additional housing.
*For further details on housing provided, please contact the local ward office’s housing policy division.
2 Procedure
(1) Persons eligible (for temporary use):
Victims of the earthquake in eastern Japan (persons who have been issued a victim’s certificate for this disaster by local authority)
*If this is impossible, please present proof of address for the affected area such as driver’s license or insurance card.
(2) Period of use: 6 months from the day usage is granted (the day it is possible to move in). However, if necessary this may be renewed for a further 6 months.
(3) Usage fee: Free of charge (Guarantor, security deposit not required)
(4) Where to apply: Building Division of ward offices providing temporary municipal housing
3 Contact details (for ward office building divisions)

Naka Ward Office Ph:082-504-2578 FAX:082-243-0595
Higashi Ward Office Ph: 082-568-7744 FAX:082-262-0639
Minami Ward Office Ph: 082-250-8959 FAX:082-252-7179
Nishi Ward Office Ph: 082-532-0949 FAX:082-232-9783
Asaminami Ward Office Ph: 082-831-4954 FAX:082-877-2299
Asakita Ward Office Ph: 082-819-3937 FAX:082-815-3906
Aki Ward Office Ph: 082-821-4928 FAX:082-822-8069
Saeki Ward Office Ph: 082-943-9744 FAX:082-923-5098

【Mie Prefecture】
1.Prefectural housing will be provided for victims of the Tohoku earthquake.
2.This will be implemented according to the following:
(1)Eligibility: Victims of the Tohoku earthquake
(2)Number of properties: 50
(3)Conditions of use:
a. Rent is free of charge, security deposit/guarantor not required.
b. Length of stay: Up to 6 months. However, a 6-month extension is possible.
c. As this is an emergency measure, repairs such as tatami replacement will not be done.
(4)Where and when to apply: 受付期間及び受付場所
Housing division県土整備部住宅室
From March 16 (Wed) until housing is full3月16日(水)から提供戸数に達するまで
8:30am to 5:15pm 8時30分から17時15分まで
(5)Method of application申込み方法
Fax or email
FAX 059-224-3147
*We will accept applications in the order they are received, and applications may be closed if all housing is filled.
(6)Moving-in date scheduled as necessary.
(7)For further information on how to apply:
Land Development Department, Housing Section: Housing Administration Group
Ph: 059-224-2703 Contact: Okuyama, Uemura