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Emergency Housing for Disaster Area Refugees – 2 – Fukui, Ishikawa, Niigata, Nara, Yamaguchi, Nagasaki, Kochi, Kyoto, Shiga, Okayama

Part II
【Fukui Prefecture】
To support victims of the Tohoku earthquake, we have begun a comprehensive relocation consultation service.
1 Name: Victim Accommodation Advisory
2 Start date: From March 17, 2011 onwards
8:30am to 8pm (currently also Sat, Sun and holidays)
3 Details of service:
(1)Provision of accommodation information (public housing, properties available, apartments for rent, etc.)
(2)Consultation on daycare and schools
(3)Advice on medical and welfare needs
(4)Coordination with local authorities
(5)Other enquiries (work, etc.)
4 Location  Tourism Marketing Division
Ph: 0776-20-0387、0286、0278
Fax: 0776-22-1702

【Ishikawa Prefecture】
Accommodation is being provided for the victims of the 11 March 2011 Tohoku earthquake.
Eligible persons: Persons who are in housing difficulty as a result of the Tohoku earthquake
Accommodation offered (46 properties) [As of 16 March 2011]
For further details on vacancies and to apply, please use the contact details below.
-Prefectural Housing Management Center, Kanazawa Station West
-Address: 2F KS Bldg, 3-15-23 Sainen, Kanazawa-shi
-Ph: 076-232-5140
-Hours of operation: 9am to 6pm
(Contact details for accommodation provided by local authorities\towns are provided on the Ishikawa Prefecture website above.)

【Niigata Prefecture】
Niigata Prefecture’s Disaster Response HQ welcomes victims of the March 11 Tohoku earthquake. The procedure is as follows:
① We ask that disaster victims please report to our consultation office at Yamato Elementary School, Agano city close to state highway 49 (2443 Kouke, Agano-shi).
② At this office, we provide counseling regarding health worries and future life direction.
③ We also offer consultation on accommodation.
【Contact details】
Niigata Prefecture Disaster Response HQ
Victim Support Division, Housing Team
tel 025-282-1747

【Nara Prefecture】
In Nara, prefectural housing will be provided in the following manner for victims of the Tohoku earthquake. For further details, or information on local accommodation, please enquire using the contact details below.
-Accommodation Prefectural housing: 35 (housing development, 4 apartment complexes, room share)
Local housing: 39

-Rent Free of charge (also security deposit)
-Time period Up to 1 year from the date of moving in
-Necessary documents Disaster victim’s certificate and personal seal (inkan)
-Application office Prefectural Housing, Housing Section, Urban Planning Division, Civil Engineering Department 【Prefectural】
Local Housing, Housing Section, Urban Planning Division, Civil Engineering Department 【Local】
(30 Noboriojicho, Nara-shi)
Ph: (0742)27-7539(Prefectural)
-Business hours    16 March 2011- present
(excluding Sat, Sun, and holidays)

【Yamaguchi Prefecture】
Accommodation in prefectural housing
・ Accepting application from Monday 14 March onwards
・ Accommodation available/time period: 200, 6 months (renewal possible)
・ Rent: Free of charge. If necessary, donation for necessities.
Advertising Department

Crisis Management Department

【Nagasaki Prefecture】
Persons who fulfill the conditions listed below as victims of the earthquake/tsunami who have lost their homes may be accommodated in prefectural housing or Nagasaki City Housing Corporation housing (used for other purposes).
If you are seeking prefectural accommodation, please contact the Nagasaki Civil Engineering Department, Housing Division (Ph: 095-894-3102).
If you are seeking local municipal accommodation, also please contact the above number.
Ⅰ Conditions of use
1Eligibility: Persons whose previous homes have been rendered unlivable by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.
2Tenant and/or co-inhabitants must not be affiliated with any crime syndicates.
Ⅱ Moving-in procedure:
1Consultation:  Nagasaki Civil Engineering Housing Dept (Ph: 095-894-3102)
Nagasaki Housing Corporation (Ph: 095-823-3050)
Office hours: 9am-5pm
2 Documents required
①Application for permission to use public housing
② Consent form
③ Disaster victim’s certificate

【Kochi Prefecture】
Kochi Prefecture has 581 public properties available for victims of the earthquake/tsunami (prefectural, local and employment development housing). We support victims with accommodation and other needs in conjunction with local authorities.
Kochi Prefecture Disaster Relief HQ, Support Team
Ph: 088-823-9018

【Kyoto/Shiga Prefectures Joint Statement】
Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures in cooperation with local authorities are committed to ensuring that all disaster victims from Fukushima Prefecture have shelter, support for relocation, and are provided with the everyday necessities of life, education for their children and medical aid. In addition, after shelter has been provided, we will endeavor to help victims put their lives back in order and work towards creating secure futures.
For more information, please contact the office below.
Contact: Kyoto: Crisis Management/Disaster Section TEL 075-414-5930
Shiga: Shiga Prefecture Tohoku Earthquake Relief HQ TEL 077-528-3447

【Shiga Prefecture】
For the support of the victims of the March 11 2011 Tohoku earthquake, with the common consent of the greater Kansai area, Shiga Prefecture will provide prefectural housing free of charge according to the following.
Furthermore, local authorities within the prefecture will contribute 78 residences, making a total of 112 for the prefecture.
1 Eligible persons: Victims of the Tohoku earthquake
2 Length of stay: Up to 6 months from the date of moving in. However, renewal is possible.
3 Rent free, no security deposit required
4 Accommodation provided In total 34
1 Turnkey accommodation: 9
2 Some repairs necessary prior to moving in (approx. mid-April): 25
5 Necessary documents for application
1 Application form
2 Proof of being a disaster victim (certificate, etc.)
3 Written pledge
6 Applications/Enquiries:
Shiga Prefecture Land and Transport Department, Housing Section, Public Housing Manager
4-1-1 Kyomachi, Otsu-shi 520-8577
Ph: 077-528-4234

【Okayama Prefecture】
Temporary prefectural housing for victims of the Tohoku earthquake will be provided according to the following.
1.Persons eligible for housing:
Persons issued with a disaster victim certificate by their local authority.
2.Accommodation offered: 30 (may be increased if necessary)
3.Conditions of use:
(1)Length of stay: 6 months (renewal possible)
(2)Rent: The first six months will be rent-free. After that, normal rent will be reduced in accordance with living conditions. Security deposit and guarantor are not necessary.
4.Application period: From March 16, 2011 (Wed) Hours are 8:30am-5:15pm (except days off)
5.Other: Basic necessities (bath, stove, lights, bedding) will be provided for accommodation.
Address: 2-4-6 Uchisange, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
Office: Okayama Prefecture Civil Engineering Department, City Bureau Housing Section
Ph: 086-226-7536