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Ashinaga – Helping Children Orphaned in Tohoku Tsunami Disaster

“ASHINAGA is a non-profit organization in Japan. Since it was founded in 1969, more than 60,000 orphans have graduated from schools with ASHINAGA scholarship support.

We have two main jobs. One is to provide financial support to children who have lost either one or both of their parents. The other is to provide emotional support. We hold summer camps for ASHINAGA scholars every summer, where children can express their sorrow and share feelings together. We also provide constant emotional care programs at Kobe Rainbow House, which was built in 1999 as the first day care center for orphans in Japan.

Emergency Response to the Tohoku Tsunami Disaster

We at ASHINAGA express our heartfelt sympathy for the tragic loss of life ensuing the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated Northeastern Japan.
As in all emergencies of such crippling magnitude, children who have lost their parents/guardians are the most vulnerable.

ASHINAGA stands ready to assist these children in their days of greatest need.
We are now accepting donations in support of activities related to the financial aide, education and emotional care of children orphaned from the Tohoku Tsunami disaster.”

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