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Earthquake Relief via ATM at Family Mart (in Japan)

Facebook post by Simon Yates:

If you’re living in Japan and want to donate money to earthquake relief, the following method (outlined in today’s excellent “Man up for Japan” event) was super easy, super quick and you can be sure your money is going to a big legit organization.

You can donate money to the Japanese Red Cross Society (or other groups) at Family Mart:

Step 1. Use the machines where people buy concert tickets, etc..

Step 2. Look for the button with the heart and wings picture (and the kanji 募金)

Step 3. Click OK on the Confirmation page (“you can’t get this money back, you don’t get a receipt for tax deduction purposes,” etc.)

Step 4. Choose organization you want to give to.

Step 5. Choose amount you want to give.

Step 6. The machine spits out a barcode receipt. Take it to the cash register and pay.

Two minutes tops.