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Disaster Relief Information Portal 助けあいジャパン

facebook page!/TasukeaiJapan?sk=info


*Update (25/04/11) – English page now available here:

Twitter @Tasukeaijp

Quote from facebook page:

Aims: To save as many lives as possible. To build the foundations of recovery. Working together with the Cabinet Secretariat’s Volunteers Coordination Office to receive local information, “Tasukeai Japan” is a project which supports volunteer-led relief activities.

We will gather and deliver information such as abundance and shortage of supplies in the area, what help is needed and what has been taken care of already for people (both victims and volunteers) in devastated areas, and for people in non-devastated areas who are willing to send supplies or go in for help.

We will also be an information hub of wisdom and know-how for volunteers working on the ground, offering solutions for specific issues they face in helping people.

And, we will make the many prayers and encouragements visible to those who suffer in the affected areas.

In this Facebook page, we will update the latest information, call for words and images of encouragement, and link to fund-raising.

We are preparing the website at full speed to launch next week.

“Tasukeai” means people supporting and helping each other. We are proud that we have this word in Japanese. We ask for many to join in and work together here.