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Hygiene at evacuation centers

Just found out that one problem building up at evacuation centers is health. That’s not too surprising under the circumstances, however, many at the centers, especially among the elderly, are not doing some simple things, such as brushing their teeth regularly. This has led to cases of pneumonia (肺炎) , particularly, among the elderly.

Water is in short supply and many people think brushing teeth is mendokusai (troublesome) under the conditions. However, dental experts and doctors say it is crucial in emergency situations. With water as little as 30 cc, take small parts of it, about 10 cc, 3 times and rinse the mouth after brushing. You can drink the last 10 cc if necessary.

If you don’t have a toothbrush, use a cotten handkerchief or washcloth wrapped tightly around one finger to wipe downward from the gums and rinse as above.

Hygiene (衛生) is very important in places like evacuation centers with so many people together for a long period of time.