Volunteers Needed to Help People in Tohoku (Departing from Gifu Pref.)

Volunteer Work with Warabe Mura

Purpose: Cleaning debris and mud out of damaged houses. The work
will vary according to the current status of the area.

Condition for participation: Strength of mind and body, and self-confidence

You are responsible for your safety, welfare, health and valuables at all times.
You are responsible for any kind of accident or trouble you may incur.

Volunteer insurance is being arranged by Warabe Mura, but if you
already have it please notify us before the trip. (A long time

6/10 (Fri) 8:00 PM Leave from in front of Warabe Mura (MinoKamo-Sakurai Shokuhin Car Park) heading for Ishinomaki, Miyagi Ken. A distance of 760 km. Sleep on the bus.

6/11 (Sat) Arrive at 8 AM
Eat breakfast en route. Bring your own food.
Go to damaged houses. Commence cleaning work.
Light lunch of onigiri and green tea is provided.
4PM End cleaning work.
Eat etc. in the expressway (“kousokudouro”) service area.
6/12 8.00 Arrive back at MinoKamo.

The place and work is fairly certain but there may possibly be changes resulting from the fluid situation in the area or changes since the previous month`s trip. Although light lunch is provided on Saturday if you have any special requirements, please take care of them yourself. Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian or have any food allergies. The service area meal is unlikely to cater well for the above so again, bring your own food please. It is very important that you are not late for the bus on any occasion.

Maximum Participants:30
Cost of Participation: 10,000 yen.

The cost is mainly for the bus, two drivers and the hotel for them to stay in. Other costs include volunteer insurance and the like.

Necessary equipment:
Work clothes and change of clothes
Cotton Work Gloves
Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves
Goggles and/or glasses to protect eyes from dust
Face mask to protect from dust in the air
Long Rubber Boots (Absolutely essential as you will be wading in mud)
Protective insoles to go in the boots. Very important. There are glass and nails in the mud. These insoles can be purchased from
around 900 yen at a Home Center
Health Insurance Card
Toilet Paper and Wet Tissues
A small bag for valuables, toiletries etc.
Things for washing with such as soap , toothbrush etc.
Food that you need

Send your application by email to
Mail Heading: Volunteer oubou.
Include the following information.

1) Name in Romaji and Furigana.
2) Sex
3) Age
4) Birthday
5) Address
6) Work place or status
7) Keitai telephone number
8) Email address
9) Blood type
10) Emergency Contact Number (Phone, mail etc.)

If you have not received a reply within three days please telephone Warabe Mura.
TEL 0574-54-1355 (9-530 Closed Sunday and the 4th Saturday of every month)