How to Post to the Site

For those of you who are working on posting links here this is a basic writeup of the simple steps you should take to get the link working.

I’d prefer not to be responsible for anyone’s untimely demise due to screen burnout, so might I suggest you limit your uploads to about 5 per session? That way you can still catch the last half of “V”, and toast your silent contribution to the world.

1) First, over at the Facebook Disaster Japan Information Gathering group, copy the URL (the web address) of the link you will be posting. Also copy the name of the article.

how-to 1

2) Go the the menu at the left here in the administration section. Near the top you’ll see the menu item, “Posts”. Beneath that is “Add New”. Please click that and you will be taken to a new page, with a text area.

how-to 3

3) You will be taken to a new page with a large text area.

how-to 2

4) Next, go to the top right corner of the large text area on this page and you will see two tabs, “Visual” and “HTML”. Make sure you select, “HTML”. If you don’t, the page will not render the code necessary to make the link work.

how-to 4

5) At the top, in the narrow text area, paste or write in the name of the post.

how-to 5

6) Now you will make the link. Go up to the menu bar at the top of this text area and click “link”.

how-to 6

7) A new text box will appear. Paste or write in the URL of the link you copied from the FB site.

how-to 7

8) The first part of the link will appear in the main text area.

how-to 8

9) To the right of the text that is already there, paste or write in the name of the link, same as what you wrote at the top of this page. This will be the “clickable” link.

how-to 9

10) Click the “/link” button in the menu…

how-to 10

11) …and the link tag will close. That’s it for the HTML tag.

how-to 11

12) Now you need to give the link some navigational and searchable attributes. First go to the right to “Categories. Here, check off any “section” you think the link should be catalogued under. Don’t put too many of them or the link will be in too many sections. Think of a category as like the section of a library. This is not physical, though, so the link can exist in several locations. If you don’t find a category that is relevant, create a new one using “+Add New Category”

how-to 12

13) Next, we need “Tags”. These are like keywords for the link that will help people to search the site for what they’re looking for, rather than having to dig through menus. Go to the right to “Post Tags”. First click “Choose from the most used tags” to see if one already exists. Click all that apply. If you don’t find what you need, create it. Separate tags by a comma.

how-to 13

14) And that’s it! Just click the “Publish” button and you’re off, making history!

Hope that was as easy to understand as it was confusing for me to put together! (((o_O”)))